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They spent the entire day on the beach. I hear she's a famous actress. The house is big. Is it worth spending time trying to help people who don't want to be helped? Is it your first visit to Chennai? I wish you had told me that. He thanked the host for the very enjoyable party. It's a little cold today. It's likely to get cold tonight, so you may need an extra blanket. This river is beautiful.
Film Velocemente: - I'm still waiting for my order.
- You can't miss it.
- He is the last man I want to see.
- She looks young.
- That fox must have killed the hen.
- She blackmailed him.
- You can't have it both ways.
- What are you talking about?
- He's worried that he might be late.
- My eyes hurt.
How do you say it in English? He is studying at his desk. He had barely enough to eat. Fill it up, please. Why did you open the box? Is it S.M. Travels? Our school is fifty years old. He told me he was going to America. OK. Let me try that. I see it now. Do you know him?

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